Facts about Pancreatic Cancer
  • Pancreatic cancer is diagnosed in more than 55,000 Americans each year, and the number continues to rise.

  • The state of Florida ranks second to California in the number of people diagnosed with pancreatic cancer each year.

  • Pancreatic cancer affects both men and women across all races and ethnicities. However, it can be more aggressive and lead to poorer prognosis in some racial and ethnic groups. The reasons for these observations are unclear. 


What is the Florida Pancreas Collaborative? 
  • The Florida Pancreas Collaborative (FPC) is a partnership between researchers, doctors, patients and families from institutions throughout Florida (Figure 1). 

  • The FPC is dedicated to finding better ways to diagnose and treat pancreatic tumors and improve quality of life for groups most affected by pancreatic tumors in Florida. 

  • We aim to develop the first statewide 'biobank' for pancreatic tumors. A biobank is a valuable resource for collecting and storing data, biological specimens and medical images.

  • The biobank will be used to make advances in the diagnosis and treatment of pancreatic tumors and help personalize care.

Figure 1. Participating Sites in the Florida Pancreas Collaborative


The Florida Pancreas Collaborative Team 

Information about the Florida Pancreas Collaborative (FPC) team is currently under development. Please check back soon for details!